Potion Crafting & Gathering in D&D 5e with Foundry

Well! Another pet project underway that scratches that itch of mine about getting things to work together. Today what we're doing is setting up ingredient gathering and item crafting, enabled by the modules Gatherer and Mastercrafted by theripper93, and the supplement "Potion Brewing and Ingredient Gathering for D&D 5e" by piccolo917 as our source material.

The material we're referencing is available free on GMBinder at https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-MNG6P6I8-1tJM3aroaV, and you can support piccolo917's Patreon to thank them for their work.

Both of the modules enabling this are available by subscribing to theripper93's Patreon. They do great work, so I highly recommend throwing a couple bucks their way!

Gatherer in action: 

Mastercrafted in action:

So here's the process:

Step 1: I needed to create each ingredient referenced in the material that doesn't already exist in the core books. The reference material gives us the information on how rare the items are, where they're found, how hard they are to harvest and how much you can get at once. Some of the raw ingredients are edible and can act as potions, poisons or food on their own. I set this up best I can with Dynamic Active Effects and Rest/Recovery so that players will be able to make use of them easily. All this content, I exported to a compendium which I'll have uploaded here. I'm looking for a smarter way to import/export this but for now it'll be a little messy.

Step 2: I created a Roll Table for each environment. Using Better Roll Tables I can add the dice roll for quantities, and I also weighted the harder to get ingredients so that they'd be less likely to come up. These roll tables will also be uploaded as a compendium for your importing needs!

Step 3: I created a Journal entry for gathering, and a page for each environment using the Gatherer module. With this, a player with the necessary tools (Herbalism Kit) can roll a DC to see if they find an ingredient, and then it automatically rolls on the table and adds them to the player's inventory! This journal entry? Yup, I'm adding to the upload.

Step 4: Using Mastercrafted I created a Recipe book for each section of the material. Again, several of the potions are new creations so I entered them by hand and will have them included in the compendium along with the crafting ingredients.

So far I have all of the Herbalism recipes complete and ready to go, and will be updating this post once I have Alchemy and Poison recipes as well. Monster loot is included in the compendium but not on the Roll Tables.

My end goal is to get this content packaged up for users to quickly download and install from right within Foundry. This is a new thing for me, so it'll take some trial and error!

Update: the Github for this project is live at Github!