D&D and OverClocked

 Two things about me.

1. I use OverClocked ReMix as a background to my daily life and have been collecting and listening to music from this website for about twenty years.

2. I recently started running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and found a need to score it with suitable music.

And so, I've combined the two into a series of playlists to accompany my campaign. Collecting them here as a test, to see if embedding YouTube playlists prevents them from being horrible with ads. Let's try one!

Towns and Overworld

A big sprawling Overworld Exploration playlist:

Here's my standard playlist for hanging out at the team's home base:

And low stakes travel by land around the area:

Travelling by sea:

A festive village:

A peaceful town:

A somber kingdom:

Backwater bumpkins:

A peaceful forest:

A magic academy:

A mysterious foreign land:

Far Eastern tunes for the Fey Wilds:

Western music for a saloon:

A hotel or lobby:

A hopping jazz club:


Underground caverns:

A spooky castle:

A jungle temple:

The fire realm:

A swamp:

A bank heist:


Classic, orchestral battle music:

Harder, industrial tunes:

All Castlevania hard rock (for fighting vampires!):

All Final Fantasy hard rock (for bosses):

A dubstep heavy boss fight:

The vampire queen: Harpsichord dubstep!

Epic boss fight: